Friday, 30 October 2009

Sock monkey almost done

Well, she`s almost complete, just need to add the eyes and sew on the mouth. I`ve been trying to knit a hat and scarf to keep her warm, but my knitting skills are very, very rusty, so if all fails I might sew one instead.
I`ve been wanting to start up on my cardmaking and scrapbooking again, now the evenings are closing in. Sadly I lost my craftroom(spare bedroom) to one of my little fellas a while ago, so he could have his own space. I have now marked a spot in the dining room for my little crafting space, so just need to sort out some storage space. It`ll be like christmas all over again when I get around to unpacking that lot.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My first project since starting this blog, is to make a sock monkey for a friend of my mum. I had made a couple of these before and they both had characters of their own. Unfortunatly I didn`t take any pictures, so I remembered to take a picture of this one, starting at the beginning, with the pair of socks. hoping this will take a couple of days to complete, but we will see.

Good morning everyone. Very new to this, but hoping to share my good, bad and ugly creations with you.