Thursday, 4 February 2010

Quick Cards

Good afternoon all. It`s a tiny bit warmer here and at least it`s stopped raining, so this morning I thought I would sit down and make some quick cards. These are the ones that I made this morning with a mixture of kits( that have been in my draw since the year dot), stash swaps and other bits of stash, that I just can`t bear to throw out.
I`ve decided to donate these and any others that I make to the cub scouts that both my boys are members of. So they can sell them on, when they do their fairs and jumble sales. The group are a very busy bunch and aswell as raising money for themselves, they manage somehow to raise funds for other charities aswell. I managed to get to the craft shop in the next town and brought a mega pack of cards and envelopes, to get me started, so hoping this will keep me busy for a little while.
Hugs for now Val. xxx


  1. Hi Val,Oh these are really fab little cards and great for donating as they always sell well....take care,Janette.x

  2. Hi Val, wow youve been a busy lady and for a brilliant cause, Im sure they were snapped up quickly as they are all brilliant. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  3. Lots of lovely cards Val and a brilliant use of unwanted stash. So kind of you to donate them to charity too xx