Monday, 25 January 2010

Vegetable growing.

Sorry no card this weekend, but have been scouting around for an image (for a 15 year old boy called Andrew) for a get well card. I did manage to get hold of a digital image late last night, so hopefully be doing this today.

Also by what the title says, you`ve guessed it, it`s that time of year, yet again, to think about, what fruit, veg and salad to grow. I was helping my father-in-law the last few years with his allotment and still confess, I still do not what i`m doing half the time. I just love to plant the seed and grateful really if anything grows, which i`ve been pretty lucky so far, so maybe I do have half decent `green fingers`.
We managed last year to gain our own allotment, late in the growing season. So aswell as sorting out this, cardmaking and hopefully starting up scrapbooking, I will be a busy bee indeed.
I managed to clean out the greenhouse and sort through the rubbish, that I seemed to have accumulated(i`m such a big magpie), so now ready to plant my seeds in the next few days. I hope. Catch you all later, hugs Val. xxx


  1. Hi Val, I'm so pleased to learn you are also making a card for young Andrew, I know when my daughter was in hospital she loved the cards other crafters sent her and they really cheered her up no end.
    I love my gardening too but haven't yet tackled the greenhouse, oh for a few more hours in the day
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. Hi Val, you are more energetic than me, not sure I could cope with a Allotment, hope it brings you lots of lovely veggies and fun. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  3. Hi Val

    GGood luck with the allotment. I know from when I was a kid, having home grown vegs, fuit etc, was just wonderful - my father had half an acre and was totally self sufficient. Good luck with this new venture.

    Another Val