Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas fun gifts.

Firstly, can I just say sorry for the picture. It`s very dull here and no matter where I take a picture it`s still bad, so hoping you can just make out my christmas fun gifts that I made yesterday instead of cards.
I haven`t made anything today and proberly won`t until next week now, as I am trying to get most of my christmas goodies out of the way.
Anyway, a couple of years ago, I put my foot down and told everyone that I was only buying for the kids in the family,(boo, humbug, I hear u cry!)To be honest it was getting harder every year to please some people and some adults would suggest or would expect expensive gifts when I asked what they wanted, which really is not what christmas is about.
Anyway, this year I have decided to create some fun gifts, that aren`t expensive and you can have a bit of a chuckle. These are not my own ideas, but what i`ve managed to grab hold of from other people. Sorry I can`t remeber exactly where I got some of these ideas from, i`ve been searching all over the web and just can`t rember now.
First the little bear figure is my idea of a dammit doll or `adults frustration toy`, with a poem that reads "When you want to kick the desk or throw the phone and shout, here`s a little dammit doll you can not do without. Just grab it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it and as you whack the stuffing out yell DAMMIT, DAMMIT, DAMMIT"
I also made some pots of gold, with a gold lottery ticket, crunchie bar, gold choccie coins, you get the idea. This was from the M.S.E site, with the poem "This pot of gold is just for you to wish that all your dreams come true". Finally some snowman kisses, made from tic tacs and poem reading "he`s cold and wet and full of wishes, he wants to give you these snowman kisses."
By the way i`m after a poem for a sock monkey if anybody could help me. I did see one somewhere, but for the life of me I can`t remember where.
Anyway just incase I don`t manage to get on here until monday, have a great weekend. Val xxx


  1. Hi Val, love your creations must have taken a bit of time to make it, well done with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  2. Hi Val, your projects are lovely, and as for the dammit doll, it made me laugh out loud, I NEED one of those. I love the bear, so funky, you are clever..
    big hugs
    En xx